In November 1991 the original home was burned to the ground by an disgruntled studio employee. He was previously married to Theresa Fargo and Karey-Louis Scott. 198 Spotnap Rd. A unique element of the house that remains is the stacked soapstone foundation sourced from the nearby quarry. The town of Rockfish and the Baptist church were filmed on the Western set. On the Warners Ranch, was the Baldwin's exterior house. Gayle Harvey Real Estate, Inc. is a Charlottesville Va real estate broker that strictly abides by the U.S. and Virginia Fair Housing laws. Photo above and below courtesy of Ray Castro, Here is the original Walton house as it appeared in 1995 while it was in the process of being relocated to the Warner's Ranch. Just north of the Main Warner Bros. The Waltons is an American drama television series about a family in rural Virginia during the Great Depression and World War II.It was created by Earl Hamner Jr., based on his 1961 book Spencer's Mountain and the 1963 film of the same name.. It also served as the location of Mr. Rourkes's residence as seen in Fantasy Island. Great family values! The first known appearance of the home was in, As previously stated above, the Walton home was used as a location in the second season of Earl Hamner's later series. The church was on the "Western Set" and the schoolhouse and Charlottesville were in the "Mid-Western Set". Thomas spoke to Fox News about working alongside his TV father Ralph Waite, who passed away in 2014 at age 85, as well as his relationship with “The Waltons” cast today … It also allows the production to control unwanted sounds and other distractions that can interfere with the production. not only made good use of interior sets that were filmed on sound stages but quite a bit of the show's drama took place in exterior locations as well. To the right of the map is a detail from a 1983 studio map (mustard yellow) of the Jungle Set that clearly shows the Walton house, garden shed, Barn and the new Mill at the top and Drucilla's Pond near the bottom. The Queen Anne style cootage that served as the exotic residence for Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island (1977-1984) is located at the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia, California. The church is located at one end of a square that typically contains a gazebo in the centre. Interiors for The Waltons were filmed on Stage 26 and Stage 20 of The Warner Bros. 10 Things to Consider When Choosing House Plans Online. Well, the answer to that question is we simply don’t know. Directed by Harvey S. Laidman. But one thing is for certain: The Waltons will always have a special place in many viewers’ hearts, and the show still reruns today. This fountain also appeared in regularly in Bewitched and was more recently seen in the intro sequence for the TV show Friends. Inspired by his upbringing, the show Hamner famously adapted from his novel Spencer’s Mountain follows the lives of the fictional Walton family in a Virginia mountain town from 1933-1946. The show debuted on CBS as a movie and ending up running for ten years. Today Show The Waltons 40th Year Reunion Dec 2 2011 - YouTube At the opposite side of the square is the building that was used as the Jefferson County Courthouse where the Walton's had to go a few times to deal with various issues that plagued the family. Reason #2: Walton's Mountain school was in fact a church that is is located on one side of this set. Without question, the lives of this Virginian family living through the depression left an indelible mark on audiences and a legacy that still endures today. John-Boy needs a suit for College? For comparison here is the Hamner home in Schuyler, Virginia. The second location of the home exterior was rebuilt on the Warner Bros. Ranch (mapped here to the right) for the 1995 and 1997 movie specials. Just south of the home is the fountain where John-Boy performs an impromptu puppet show for Simone, a French girl, in Paris 'The Premonition' (s9-ep4). The cast of The Waltons will come together for the first Stars in the House reunion of 2021. Earl Hamner's family home that served as the basis for the TV show "The Waltons" has been purchased by long-time Walton fan Carole Johnson, with the support of Kirstin DeMaio and Ray Castro. Our interior scenes (Walton house,Ikes Store,Baldwin Sisters house) were on Stage 26. Looking at the outside of the home you would think that the Walton home was a typical rectangular shape with a few addtions added on for the mudroom and the grandparents flat. Note as well that the road is paved. From the outside, being a child actor seems like a dream job with zero troubles. Interior locations are typically built on sound stages so that there is enough space for the cameras, crew, lights, actors and action. the Waltons House Floor Plan-Welcome for you to the blog, with this occasion I’m going to teach you in relation to the waltons house floor plan. The data relating to real estate for sale on this website comes in part from the IDX Program of Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors. Eric Scott called ‘The Waltons’ fire ‘a free for all’ Scott was a kid on The Waltons. The house is Earl Hamner Jr.’s childhood home, now co-owned by longtime “Waltons” fans Ray Castro and Carole Johnson. You can read about his experieces of filming 12 episodes of The Waltons HERE, Plaques have been mounted on the outside of each stage listing the Features and TV shows that were filmed on that stage. Nearly every one of … Sound Stage #26 - Walton House Interiors; B. Waltons Mountain Schoolhouse; C. Charlottesville; D. Jefferson County Courthouse; E. Boatwright University; F. The forested area which contained the location of the exteriors used for the Walton House, Barn, Mill, Drucilla's Pond and Ike Godsey's Mercantile; G. The Western set was used to depict the town of Rockfish; H. Just visible at the bottom of the still is a parking lot that had been the location of the Camelot Castle set (1967) that had been redressed as a Shaolin Temple for the 1970's series Kung-Fu which some of the Walton child actors would play in when not filming scenes on their on sets. John needs to go to the Bank? Studio lot. "The upper floor of the Walton home presented an interesting lesson in budget accountability. Whenever the family needed to buy something that they couldn't get at Ike's or in Rockfish they heded to Charlottesville. It was based off of Hamner’s book Spencer’s Mountain, as well as a 1963 movie also titled The Waltons. Yesterday at 1:17 PM. Warner Bros. most successful set on their back lot by far is the Mid-West set. On the entrance of the Mid-west street is a storefront that played the role of Luke's Diner in the Gilmore Girls and more recently is a cafe as seen here in Pretty Little Liars. Due to the forested area of the Jungle set and the height of the Hollywood Hills and in conjuction with careful camera placement it was possible to film scenes that appeared to be in an entirely rural situation with a mountainous backdrop while in reality located in the middle of a bustling urban movie studio. In the image below and to the left you can see home the 2nd floor has been extended to the left by another window which then centers the central dormer to the middle. The show aired from 1971-1981 and won an Emmy in 1974. A view of the "Mountain" from the front yard of the Walton House as seen in, Relocating the Walton home to the Warner Bros. Ranch. How the Waltons — America's wealthiest family and heirs to the Walmart empire — live their lives. It’s truly a gift that I appreciate. Never the less though there was bamboo that was specially planted along with other foliage to make the scenery as exotic as required depending on the production. She is upset, but feels better when Grandpa saves the stained glass window. Welcome to the boyhood home of Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of the popular 1970’s television series The Waltons and the house that served as a model for the show. For nine seasons the actor played John Walton, Sr., a … The original house that served as the backdrop to Hamner’s childhood was built in the early 20th century in the village of Schuyler in Nelson County, where it still stands today. No that's not John-Boy in front of Walton's Mountain school house but it is James Dean on the set of East of Eden (1953). John-Boy's bedroom is located behind the upper window on the left of the house. Add The Waltons to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. The exterior of the Walton house and Ike Godsey's Mercantile and Drucilla's Pond were located on the backlot just to the east of the Stages in an area known as the Jungle set. Mary McCourt Old TV. As a poor family in Virginia struggling during the Great Depression, the cast warmed hearts and touched on historial issues, winning 12 Emmys and leaving a legacy of period drama that can be plainly seen on TV today.