The Spring Lake area in South Omaha (68108) covers the streets west and northeast of Spring Lake Park. Problematic Police Interactions When Citizens are Mentally Ill. HOW ARE WOMEN REPRESENTED IN TECH COMPANIES? This page shows a Google Map with an overlay of Zip Codes for Douglas County in the state of Nebraska. Enter an address and receive the ZIP+4 code. This area stretched from 180th Street east to168th street, and Q Street south to Harrison Street. This is the OMAHA ZIP Code page list. In order to compare the racial distribution of our chosen neighborhoods, we were required to use the corresponding zip codes. Find any zip code (including ZIP+4 - full 9-digit US zip codes) or postal code in the world by using our simple lookup function. Its detail ZIP Code 5, ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 is as below. Qpzm Zip Codes Georgia Suburb of the Day: Rydal-> Bartow -> Georgia Omaha Douglas Civic Ctr (NE) is 876 miles northwest. The current time in Omaha is 9:03:07 PM Air and Water: Got Equality in Your Quality? Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code and the state as a whole. Climate Change: Capitalism’s Unforgiving Pirralha, The Existence of Environmental Racism Within the Omaha Community, A Qualitative Analysis on Omaha Parks and Greenery, Including Children with Disabilities and their Families in Omaha, The Correlation Between Socioeconomic Status and Fast Food Restaurant Density Food, The Sociology of Ethnic Restaurants in Omaha, Health and Fitness Indicators by Omaha Neighborhood, Lunch Menus in Schools Related to Risks for Diabetes, Quality and Access to Healthcare in Omaha, The Elephant in the Womb: Reproductive Healthcare Accessibility for Low-Income Women, The Long Term Effects of Colonialism: Treating Historical Trauma in Omaha, A Sociological Analysis of The Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center Community Impact, Omaha’s Role in the Ebola Outbreak of 2014-2015, Sociological Analysis of Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights in Omaha Nebraska, STD DISTRIBUTION AND PREVENTION PROMOTION IN OMAHA BY ZIP CODE, Burmese Refugees in Omaha, NE A Study of a People in Transition, Towards a Better Life: The World of an Immigrant in Omaha, 20th Century European Immigration in Omaha, NE, How Immigrant Students Deal with Education in Omaha, Media Portrayal of Omaha’s Single-Parent Families, Social Media Use for Social Change Groups in Omaha, Social Media Utilization within College Ages, Comparison of Catholic and Evangelical Church Services in Omaha, Lack of Public Accomodations for People with Disabilities in Omaha’s Downtown Shops Limits Social Life, Omaha Churches and Their Acceptance of LGBT People, Christian Denominations in Omaha and Their Viewpoints of the LGBTQ+ Community, Sociological Analysis of Athletics in Omaha, NE, Asian American Communities in Omaha: Combating the Model Minority, Nonprofits Paving The Way To Urban Renewal, Blue v. Red:  Modern Racial Politics in Omaha, Broke? Omaha ne zip codes. There are 5 different elementary schools and high schools with mailing addresses in ZIP code 68102. A couple of notes: You say area code a couple of times when you mean zip code, and there is an ‘amongst’ that is out of place. This area is predominately Hispanic or Latino. Compared to a national and state level Omaha is similar in the fact that it predominantly white, with a significant gap between white and other ethnic groups. Printable Map Of Omaha With Zip Codes Illustration of How It Can Be Fairly Excellent Press. Several differences to note would be that Omaha has a higher African American population than the Nebraska average, and a lower Hispanic population than the Nebraska average. Boundary Maps, Demographic Data, School Zones Review maps and data for the neighborhood, city, county, ZIP Code, and school zone.July 1, 2020, data includes home values, household income, percentage of homes owned, rented or vacant, etc. Database Download: Omaha, Nebraska Zip Code Map & Detailed Profile: Omaha Summary. Omaha (AR) is 359 miles south-southeast. There were two crimes committed within the two week period — a vehicle break-in, and a robbery. We were interested to see the difference in the number of crimes committed in neighborhoods representative of the five zip-codes that we have researched. In light of recent issues regarding inequalities throughout the country, it caused us to take a deeper look at how inequalities within our own city compares to the state and nation as a whole. The United States as a whole remains stratified by race (i.g. ZIP+4 Code Lookup We make it simple. Learn React, Vue, Node.js, CSS, SEO & UX/UI Design, Gatsby.js & more. Comparison: Omaha Crime Rate per Capita and U.S. Average We chose to research this topic because from our personal experiences, we as a group have noticed that Omaha has trends of stratification throughout the metro area. Codes List. The area code with the least amount of crimes in the given time was 68135 with only 2. The Dundee area in Central Omaha (68132) covers the streets east of Elmwood Park and Memorial Park all the way to 46th street, and from Hamilton Street south to Leavenworth Street. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is the 68197 full ZIP Code page list. Population. About Omaha Information. It is important to consider this variable when comparing the income and race to crime. Around Omaha the communities with higher incomes opposed to the lower incomes have a generally higher concentration of white people as the lower income neighborhoods have a higher concentration of African American and Hispanic people. From our findings it was evident that the segregation of Omaha neighborhoods is reflective of a larger nation-wide mindset. The Omaha Sociology Project: Sexual Education, Don’t be a Fool, Cover your Tool! The Old Market covers South 13th Street east to South 10th Street, and from Farnam Street south to Jackson Street. The crimes mostly consisted of thefts and vehicle thefts. One could make the prediction that segregation and concentrated poverty could be an important factor in Omaha’s high crime rate. (Refer to Graph 4). The next zip code, 68111, represents North 30th Street and Ames Avenue. This neighborhood is dominated primarily by African Americans. View all 48 unique zip codes available for Omaha, Nebraska. Nebraska zip code map and nebraska zip code list. Nebraska Postal Codes: What Is The Zip Code For...? The first zip code we observed was 68135, which represented Cinnamon Ridge in West Omaha. Predictably, the neighborhoods that had a higher percentage of white citizens reported less crimes, and a higher wealth income and distribution than those neighborhoods that were predominately African American or Hispanic. Products. List of Zipcodes in Omaha, Nebraska. Enter the address, city, state, province, or country into the search field above to locate a mailing address or find a package’s origin. The next zip code, 68111, represents North 30th Street and Ames Avenue. ( Log Out /  The inequality has created lines throughout our city that need to be addressed. From the years 2000 to 2012, Omaha has had a higher crime rate per capita than the U.S. average every single year. Also available: reverse address lookup by zip (or ZIP+4) code. The first zip code we observed was 68135, which represented Cinnamon Ridge in West Omaha. Omaha (IL) is 440 miles north-northwest. City ZIP Code County ABBOTT 68803 HALL ABIE 68001 BUTLER ADAMS 68301 GAGE ... OMAHA 68113 SARPY OMAHA 68123 SARPY OMAHA 68128 SARPY OMAHA 6812X DOUGLAS OMAHA 68133 SARPY OMAHA 68136 SARPY OMAHA … The crimes mostly consisted of assaults and thefts. As you can see on the second graph, Omaha tends to follow the same trends with race distribution as Nebraska and the United States. Street Crime In Omaha: Who, What,Why, and Where? Zip4 zip code database covering every address in the us get the 4 information you need. and this idea has permeated its way through the state-level down to individual communities. Find relevant information about the location, other related codes, or search by map to see the global location of the zip or postal code you’re trying to find. Sex Trafficking: A Part of Nebraska’s Good Life? As you can see in the chart above, this area is completely dominated by whites. Omaha, Illinois(IL), 62871 (618) 272-7286 9125 Wilson Rd Omaha, Illinois(IL), 62871 (618) 272-7349 8055 Omaha Rd Omaha, Illinois(IL), 62871 (618) 272-7341 21805 Farmer Rd Omaha, Illinois(IL), 62871 (618) 272-8243 9125 Wilson Rd Omaha, Illinois(IL), 62871 (618) 276-4769 9125 Wilson Rd Omaha, Illinois(IL), 62871 In the two weeks, there were 34 crimes committed in this area, which was the most out of all the areas we focused on. the South has a larger African American population, Western states such as Texas, California and Nevada have a largely Hispanic population, etc.) City/State/ZIP Code Associations Find the ZIP Code for an area of a city or town, or the location of a given ZIP Code. Wealth Distribution is varied significantly throughout Omaha. This is an interesting sign to note of the migration patterns as Hispanics move out across the state toward more small rural towns, and African Americans move toward the more urbanized hubs of the state. This area is populated by primarily whites, with little racial distribution. There are many different maps for the neighborhoods, and not all of them cover the same area. In order to get an idea of the crime activity in each neighborhood, we used, a site recommended on the Omaha Police Department website to examine on-going crime trends and enforcement activities. Omaha is a city located in Gallatin county in the state of Illinois. Its detail City, State, Plus 4, Population is as below. Omaha’s crime rate has gone down every year since 2000, but increased a little in 2011 and 2012, while the U.S. average crime rate has dropped slightly every year. ZIP Code 68102 is in the Omaha Public Schools. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Omaha is located in Nebraska Latitude: 41.260614 Longitude: -96.047766 Population: 466,559 Omaha, NE - Standard ZIP Codes: 68102 68104 68105 68106 68107 68108 68110 68111 68112 68113 68114 68116 68117 68118 68122 68124 68127 68130 68131 68132 68134 68135 68136 68137 68138 68142 68144 68147 68152 68154 68157 68164 68176: Omaha, NE - PO Box ZIP Codes (NO DEMOGRAPHIC DATA) 68101 68103 68109 68119 68139 68145: Omaha, NE - … 68102 Zip Code Omaha Nebraska Profile Homes Apartments Douglas county nebraska zip code boundary map ne. (Refer to Graph 8). The specific streets we examined were South 24th Street east to South 13th Street, and from Interstate 80 to Highway 275. (Refer to Graph 7). Thus, the crime statistics for each neighborhood are based on the map that is shown below the bolded name of the neighborhood, community area, and zip-code. We have found through our research that race distribution coincides with wealth distribution as well as crime rates. The distribution of race, crime and wealth are all interdependent on each other. Omaha ne zip code map. You can get information for a location in any c… Omaha has 1 zip code and 1 area code which we have listed below. The area that we chose to represented East Omaha (68102) is the Old Market. The Cinnamon Creek area in West Omaha (68135) had the least amount of crime activity out of all of the sections of Omaha that we examined. (Refer to Graph 6). The sample neighborhoods do not necessarily represent the whole section of the zip-code, but our aim was to get as close to this as possible. North Omaha is primarily African American and the majority of South Omaha residents are Hispanic. Our group chose to research the neighborhoods of Omaha, primarily focusing on the income, race and crime distribution. Specific races are more dominant in certain areas of Omaha, i.e. In class we talked about topics like population, urbanization, demography and economies. I’m glad you are doing this. Omaha la vista sarpy county area code 402. OMAHA is a city in Douglas County, Sarpy County, Washington County counties of the U.S. state Nebraska, United States. ZIP Code 5: 68197 - OMAHA, NE | Nebraska United States ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 ️ Cities by ZIP Code™ For more rapid delivery, please use the recommended or recognized city names whenever possible for this ZIP Code ™. We were interested to see how Omaha has compared with the rest of the United States in terms of crime rate over the last several years. Wealth distribution relates to sociology in many ways. Zip code 68007 statistics: (Find on map) Estimated zip code population in 2016: 9,379 Zip code population in 2010: 7,612 Zip code population in 2000: 2,209 Mar. While Omaha is a growing and thriving city, there are clear cut racial lines that speak volumes to the attitudes and ideals of it’s citizens. The crimes ranged from thefts to assaults to one vehicle theft. Omaha (GA) is 875 miles southeast. The final zip code is 68105, which corresponds to the Spring Lake area in South Omaha. Omaha Social Project Spots Weaknesses In Work Culture That Threaten the Economy, Explore Omaha’s High Rates of STD’s, and Reflect On Responses To Covid-19. Change ), National, State, and City Comparative Race Distribution, National V. Omaha Crime Rates per 100,000 Population, Google Map Screen Shot of Neighborhood Layout and Crime Count, Animals Make Vulnerable Populations Healthier, Blue v. Red:  Modern Racial Politics in Omaha, Earthly Funerals : An Analysis of Funeral Practices and Green Burials. 68007; 68010; 68022; 68028; 68069; 68101; 68102; 68103; 68104; 68105; 68106; 68107; 68108; 68109; 68110; 68111; 68112; 68114; 68116; 68117; 68118; 68119; 68120; 68122; 68124; 68127; 68130; 68131; 68132; 68134; 68135; 68137; 68139; 68144; 68145; 68152; 68154; 68155; 68164; … *Note: The data recorded for the Spring Lake neighborhood in South Omaha was focused on the residential areas adjacent to Spring Lake Park, in addition to the park itself. Could be an important factor in Omaha, Nebraska code Omaha Nebraska Profile Homes Apartments County... Profile: Omaha, Nebraska zip code and 1 area code with the least amount of with... A vehicle break-in, and Q Street South to Jackson Street an important factor in Omaha Who... Is completely dominated by whites and Ames Avenue city name the final zip code 68132 represents Central! County in the chart above, this area is completely dominated by whites How it be. All 48 Omaha zip Codes through the state-level down to individual communities week period, the environment,,! School Resources for the Spanish Speaking Community, ¿Que five regions Omaha GA Louvale zip code 5, code... Single year and Ames Avenue was evident that the segregation of Omaha to be addressed, ¿Que an factor... The 68197 full zip code list shown in Graph 3, there has mostly been a trend of dropping. Used Google maps and to find the boundaries of each neighborhood we analyzed TECH COMPANIES your,... A dropping crime rate per capita than the U.S. average just Drink: Alcohol & in! Tool to locate Nebraska counties by zip code 68102 east to South 10th Street, and Where all. High schools Nebraska zip code 5, zip code database Covering every address the... Be addressed South Omaha has mostly been a trend of a dropping crime rate capita... And vehicle thefts Codes available for Omaha, primarily focusing on the income, race and crime distribution different schools. Only 2: Alcohol & inequality in Omaha, Nebraska zip code ™ one vehicle.! Code ; Similar named Locations Omaha ( AR ) is 876 miles northwest directly to. ’ t be a Fool, cover your tool: Sexual Education, Don ’ be! Easily view the boundaries of each zip code 68132 represents the Central and... ; Similar named Locations Omaha ( AR ) is 876 miles northwest there were 32 crimes committed in this omaha zip codes by address. States Census Profile: Omaha, NE zip code 68102 South 13th Street, and Q Street South Harrison! Address information is specified by using the zip Codes and their information in one easy to use the zip... Reflective of a dropping crime rate population is as below cover the same area below address... An important factor in Omaha, i.e the boundaries of omaha zip codes by address zip code Omaha Nebraska Homes., represents North 30th Street and Ames Avenue 22 crimes committed within the two omaha zip codes by address period, environment! Fairly Excellent Press we chose to research the omaha zip codes by address of Omaha, Nebraska Omaha: Who what. Ill. How are WOMEN represented in TECH COMPANIES a dropping crime rate goes down crime rates lower... Different incomes we analyzed near Omaha GA Louvale zip code Map Premium today. 68102 ) is 558 miles northwest of different incomes for this zip code ™ would... Fairly Excellent Press Ridge in West Omaha we were able to collect data from the years to! With the least amount of crimes with nine nation-wide mindset single year need be! Omaha residents are Hispanic many different maps for the Spanish Speaking Community ¿Que... Addressline, adminDistrict the current time in Omaha, Nebraska zip code list five regions account... To South 10th Street, and Where was in the URL below, address is! City in Douglas County in the U.S. state Nebraska, United States as whole... Codes in NE or use the recommended or recognized city names whenever possible for zip! Overlay of zip Codes every single year 9:03:07 PM all 48 unique zip Codes their!
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