Introduction. This build is rank an A-Tier build. ... Legacy of Nightmares Build. Sunwuko is just too much damage relative to Inna's for Wave of Light. The Monkey King Armor - Sunwuko had interesting thoughts on the design of his set. Disclaimer: This build is currently outclassed by the Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk.. Introduction. This build is a stronger version of our friend the Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk, but it cannot use Cain's Destiny or Sage's Journey sets in T16. Welcome to the Monkey King's Garb Sunwuko Tempest Rush Monk, a brother to the Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush Monk that can devastate enemies in an equal if not more impressive fashion. Sunwuko is better at everything for wave of light compared to Inna's. With the ability to teleport across maps vaporizing every monster on the screen, it's unlikely this build will ever be topped in speed content. Introducing the Season 16 Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk Build. This Diablo 3 patch 2.6.10 season 22 monk Tempest Rush build using the Sunwuko set can push GR 143+ and is one of the best monk builds. Welcome to the Legacy of Dreams Wave of Light Monk! A lot of the gear is designed to help improve the damage of Wave of light’s effectiveness by … Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk Build Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.4. Especially for TX-TXIII farming. The set multiplier is over double alone making it superior in clearing speeds. 2. Sunwuko is one of the best Monk sets in Diablo 3. Here, we are presenting the best Solo Greater Rift pushing build based on the Monkey King's Garb set. If you're ready to throw some bells and push the leaderboards, let's put this guide together! You can use the Sunwuko build together with the Vengeful Wind legendary Fist Weapon to take the damages meted out by Wave of Light to incredible levels. Basic Overview. Let's see how we can combine some of the monks best skills and items below to create a unique and powerful build! Monk build for endgame and speed farming, based around Wave of Light with the Legacy of Dreams power.Updated for Patch 2.6.10 and Season 22. This is a well rounded Solo Pushing/Group Build that works well past Great Rift 120! It offers several solid builds for various purposes. A combination of smooth gameplay and devastating damage make this build a very fun and competitive one to go with. This build combines Wave of Light with an army of Mystic Ally to help us tear through our enemies. Introduction. Let's go over this monster and push it into the top of the Monk solo … With the 2.4 revision it becomes mandatory for Wave of Light builds, as it increases Wave of Light damage by up to 150% as a free fifth affix. This Monk Legacy of Nightmares Wave of Light build can destroy Torment 16. Welcome to the fastest build in Diablo 3: the Monkey King's Garb Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk. In place of Sunwuko's Crown, you will be taking Tzo Krin's Gaze — the Spirit Stone that turns Wave of Light into a ranged skill. Introduction. Sunwuko - Wave of Light - Speed Build. These modifications will quickly work with the suggestions given below to give you one of the best offensive D3 Monk builds. Welcome to the Inna's Mantra Wave of Light monk guide! Monk starter build also included.

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