Did you check the seller reviews and description before buying? Mercari's policies do not favor sellers. One transaction was perfect. I wanted to add my negative review here along with ALL the other bad reviews of Mercari. That’s why we advise you to check the item as soon as you receive it. However, sellers don’t work at Mercari. Is Mercari Safe and Legitimate? She went as far as blaming me for cracked handles that l have not used and clearly seen it when l removed it from box. However, if you spot a defect after more than three days, it might be too late to complain. Mercari is pretty safe for the buyer! For example, if someone is selling an iPhone for $50, the chances are that the phone doesn’t work. 3 days is your opportunity to say something. Is your personal data secure on Mercari? Just a heads-up. They said basically, it was my fault I did not verify with the seller these were indeed men’s boots, prior to purchasing these boot. Once you got a sale then your main priority is going to be shipping the product to a buyer but there is some information you need to keep in mind before shipping the item. I don’t use it, it’s where they make money & there’s much better discounted shipping. I wish I had seen these reviews prior to ordering from this site. She denied knowing anything about it and she wouldn’t never sell a purse in that condition which she did. I would think it would be on the buyer to know beforehand exactly what type of lens they need. Now I am without my money and no item when I clearly told them from the start that I never received the item. You should be very careful when you see a new profile without any reviews. With many fraudsters out there, you’ll want an eCommerce platform that’ll adequately protect the sensitive data that you share with it. Of course they kept it. The company suspends people who try to sell these items. No way! On the 9th Mercari responded the following: “Having said that, we are unable to release funds until we can confirm delivery to the buyer” I find it hard to believe the seller could have received the package without any tracking updates so the package seems to be lost or stolen. You WILL NEVER, NEVER get actual help. If something is missing or if the product is in bad condition, you can file a complaint and ask to get your money back. If they lied about receiving it then how did they send it back? Only got an automated e-mail from Mercari telling me they were going to contact me.....still waiting. It’s much better and safer for a buyer to shop at eBay. This means the business is, indeed, Safe. to see if the package showed up. The listing I saw wouldn't let people buy off of the app so the seller clearly wanted customers to pay with another method. NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION THAT YOU WILL ENCOUNTER! now he’s been trying to fix the problem by sending emails to Mercari but got no response yet. “. Have you ever had to use the dispute channels? Thank you Kitty for sharing your experience! Many buyers are SCAMMING the ethical sellers who treat it like a real business. That goes both way. Just got burned by the Mercari system. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Hi all , I have been shopping and selling on Mercari for few years I only buy and sale luxury items I have sold more then buy So far I have no bad experience Hopefully never Tip always ask questions and more pictures if needed Only buy from seller have all 5 stars review at least a few review Check out seller item for sale I also shop on eBay pretty often I do love eBay money back quarantine , but I never sale on eBay only as a buyer And I do like as seller on Mercari that buyer have 3 days to rate after received item once rate transaction is complete, also Mercari items n shipping fee a lot cheaper compared eBay. According to Mercari, they’ll not release payments until the buyer receives the item, confirm and rate the seller. Only EBay was willing to cooperate on ANY level. You’d think, but you’d be wrong. So….the seller not only refunded when he should not have..BUT..now..the buy also has the item!! It is more polished and has been around longer. Have not received them or any kind of communication. You may have heard about Mercari, and you are now wondering whether this platform is safe and should you use it. Keep reading to learn more about this platform and get information that will help you decide whether to use it or not. How did I know they were women’s and not men’s? Let's find out ! The Buyer had received the item, and also cancelled the sell, the same day. If you have a top notch store, NEW everything, amazing packaging & are fast then you should not be treated like a dog. I purchased a pair of boots on the Mercari site that were list men’s size 9. Buzzsprout vs Podbean: Which Podcast Hosting To Choose? However, they collect this information about the customers: Don’t worry this information is collected by almost all the online marketplaces. Everyone who has stolen from me there STILL has accounts. Mercari Reviews – Is Mercari Safe? You have to wait a long time to get paid, they take 10% and charge shipping. I have been swindled out of funds by buyers claiming issues with orders. Huge federal crime, these platforms don’t care, anything to make a buck. How do I sign up? It’s comical that any of these platforms have community guidelines, they do not enforce them. This means the seller did their part. Take a look at this quick guide about selling on Mercari. Read them to see whether buyers were satisfied with the items they have received. Mercari is a Japan-based online marketplace that lets you buy and sell goods or items using it. Yet another new online marketplace trying to capture those people who have been discouraged by the Big Fish that sell on eBay. Nevertheless, you must exercise caution when making any transaction. It’s always better to buy from sellers who have a lot of reviews on their profiles. We would describe mercari.com reputation as Good . Counterfeit items, misrepresented items. I would not do business with them even if I could save a ton of money. I was not satisfied with the purchase so I have been trying for two days to delete my account and STOP all the Mercari marketing emails…and to date after several emails back and forth I have been unable to delete my account. Very annoying and frustrating and ultimately as big waste of time. I learned a lot about Mercari and why Mercari is NOT legit and why Mercari is NOT safe for sellers. It’s much better and safer for a buyer to shop at Amazon and EBay. What is my best course of action to get my money back? But they give you 3 days to rate them. If you don’t re-verify, download NEW app & accept new terms of service then you are locked out of your account. (2021). Join over 260,000 subscribers! If you are wondering how do people get scammed when Mercari doesn’t pay sellers until buyers receive and rate items, keep reading. Maybe they suggested you meet in person. Mercari's idiots told me the buyer gets their money right away for a return, they will send a label for them to return my item but can't make them do that. I have filed an inquiry with the post office and waiting for an update, the buyer is aware of the lost package and has been very understanding. As with any type of online shopping, it's easy to buy something and be disappointed with what you receive. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with some e-commerce site in the past, and you now want to be sure before you start using another one. Mercari has dishonest and fraudulent buyers. And it was not cheap. If Katherin Aucoin is selling anything especially a coach purse carefully look at it and my recommendation is never buy from her lying rude self. I am passionate about anything that touches entrepreneurship and on this website I share my experience with people about different online services and platforms. Have you ever seen the TV ad for Mercari? Other than that, Mercari owns me lol. Placed an order, received a tracking number and a few days later received a message saying my package had been delivered. Never have they released money to a seller the day you bought it!! As I said already in the post, everyone that is buying and selling stuff has to be careful. That doesn’t happen often, and it usually happens to people who ignore the red flags along the way. Sigh. (I think they should improve this functionality of Mercari). Is the Mercari App Legit? If you see the buyer or seller is going inside the app or violating any Mercari guidelines. So the www.mercari.com review is short but to the point. Really? List your item in minutes. However, if you want to start your own eCommerce store then I highly recommend creating your Shopify store. I submitted a request for a refund to Mercari support but it was denied. So, is mercari.com safe? Secure. That usually happens with furniture and electronics. Safe haven for scammers Safe haven for scammers, do not buy anything from Liasmith06. Lots of good info. The platform is entirely legit, but it doesn’t mean that you should trust everyone on it. And this particular seller STILL has not sent my items after four days! Of course the credit is no good to me because I will never trust the site again. Have you bought an item off Mercari? Most of the people who got scammed weren’t careful enough. Last updated: 11 months ago Customer Service did nothing but give me a run around for weeks and weeks. Canva Pro Review (2021) – Is It Worth Upgrading? Mercari sends you a message upon receipt telling you to confirm and rate but they do not tell you the rating will nullify any warranty / refunds. It’s always safer to use your credit card, and this applies to all kinds of online shopping. Maybe a buyer open dispute against you, so you can prove yourself right. But Is Mercari Safe to use? If so, then you’re landed on the right article. As soon as I did that I received a message in mercari stating I must stop the charge dispute or they would cancel my account. Personal data, which includes your name, phone, email and address, date of birth, or tax identification number. Mercari is not a good place to buy sneakers if you are a collector.The site is full of fake jordans and nikes and pretty much any other brands that are expensive. USPS scans packages at pickup which in turn creates the manifesto and updates tracking info until it’s delivered. Just like Mercari, other online retailers come with a host of possible scams as well but if you know how people scammed, you can stay safe from scammers. They may have promised you a deal, or you might feel like you’re helping them avoid Mercari’s selling fee. Oh, and they took out the money the same day I order it. Piktochart vs Canva (2021) – Which One Is Best For You? We are committed to being responsive to the needs of everyone who loves and contributes to Mercari — from users to employees — as the situation evolves. Got something you don’t use, never used or just outgrew? But buyers BEWARE because I got scammed not once but TWICE, latest being today when I received synthetic hair extension not worth more than $10 which I paid $135 + shipping for! STAY AWAY! Is Mercari safe or a scam. My verdict: The Mercari is a LEGIT platform to buy and sell stuff (and thus make some side money online). If you are satisfied with your order then give a rating to the seller, so he or she can get their payments. Both sellers and buyers are real people, and they aren’t retailers, which means that there is no guarantee that the people buying and selling on it are legitimate. MERCARI refused to refund me because 3 days passed but I was away and on day 4 I got my package. Find right answers right now! Photos that the seller has posted of the product. Question for you: Can I pay or get paid with PayPal? I will never buy or use Mercari App ever…… I will donate it too Goodwill were it belongs and the money l paid for it as charity… They have at Mercari low class sellers and high tax and shipping cost LESSON Learned!! Thanks Benjamin for posting your experience on Mercari. Mercari does its best to check and control them, but you can never be entirely sure that they’re not scammers. Here's why Mercari is unsafe for sellers and why it is NOT worth selling on Mercari: 1. Then it is your best choice to … Mercari handled the situation, was very empathetic, explained where I made the mistake, and actual gave me credit for the item, as well as the buyer was able to keep the item. So, the answer to your question is that you can pay for items during checkout with PayPal but you can’t get paid with it. My Mercari Review; What Is Mercari? Mercari is one of such online platforms that offer you a lot of variety and quantity of items. Is Mercari safe for buyers or not? And I have clean ratings, but some are sooooo thankless and won’t rate you just to punish you LOL. That’s why we advise you to check the item as soon as you receive it. Both purchasers and sellers are actual people. However, the buyer can’t just return the item without a legit reason like broken items, misleading description, wrong images, etc. Provide a valid tracking number for the item you are going to ship to complete the transaction. Mercari does take a percentage out so they deduct that and the shipping from what is made right off the bat. As a super high authority website that earned its reputation online a long time ago, it is no surprise that our VLDTR® tool came up with a 100 rating. But they blew it, what a waste. Theft at the delivery site is often the reason you did not get it. I would say that 50 percent maybe more of the jordans on mercari are fakes. Selling On Mercari – Is It Worth It? Thankless & they encourage you to literally give things away. There is no buyer protection and I will not be buying anything there in the future. I am actually in the middle of a similar situation, sent an item with a value of $250, buyer received it and a day later requested a to return the item back to me due to insufficient packaging. #m13166668176 for $ 27.00 plus tax and shipping cost. So with these things in mind about Mercari, your personal data is secure but no internet transmission is completely safe and maybe being hacked for which Mercari isn’t responsible. I went through paypal to get my money back. Do not use them. I received the purse and immediately opened it up and expected it right away it was a little dirty and l notice on the back of the purse the handles at the bottom that connects the purse handle where cracked. As we know Mercari does not release your payment to the seller until you’ve received and confirmed your order. So these are some of the important points you should keep in mind to avoid getting scammed. Or even worse, because they made a deal with the seller on some other platform. Watch this video as well for more tips about selling. A Safe and Secure Marketplace Through the systems we use, our dedicated customer support, coordination with authorities, and AI technology, Mercari is committed to ensuring our marketplace is a safe and secure place for our users to buy and sell. I just sold my first item on there, an 800.00 ring and they buyer says they didn’t get it, but I sent it by certified mail and I contacted the US postal inspectors who are investigating it. I have personal experience with buying something not as described. In one instance, Mercari withdrew funds THREE times for the SAME transaction, and it took multiple contacts with customer service to rectify. We’re here to let you know the latest behind-the-scenes updates our team has created to up our security protocols. Never write a misleading or vague description of the product you are selling. The GOOD sellers are at the mercy of the buyers, who have no clue how commerce works. Customer service is horrible at best. Etsy & Poshmark allowed a person who robbed me to fence my Jewelry there. Another purchase I made just today has been cancelled by the seller because she says she made a mistake, but the funds have ALREADY been withdrawn from my account and Mercari only says sorry, but it will take up to FIVE business days to return my money! Have you ever had a bad experience on any e-commerce platform? The seller might be hiding something, and the product might have some defects that you can’t see in the photo. If you are choosing Mercari for selling your stuff then never sell items that are on Mercari’s Prohibited items list. The package was picked up from my place of business that happens to video record all shipping and receiving for security reasons. If you are a seller, this is where you can earn some extra cash for your electronics, clothes, books, etc. Marcari charges a 10% fee from each of the sales. Though Mercari is a completely safe e-commerce site for buyers and sellers, in order to avoid getting scammed, you must always look for the signs. Other then that, I think some people got scammed because of their own mistakes. I would not recommend it to anyone. More questions about Business Finance, Business and Industry, Business Finance, Business and Industry, Business Finance Your email address will not be published. Helping You Find The Right Online Platform & Tools! How to Tell if Someone Is Typing in Snapchat, The Best Offline No-WiFi RPG Games for the iPhone [January 2021], How To Record a FaceTime Call [October 2020], How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 10, How to Install YouTube Kids on Your Amazon Fire Tablet, How To Delete Your Gmail Address Permanently [January 2021], How To Speed Up Windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide, How to Install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet. That computer could very easily be wrong but that doesn’t matter. This app protects its buyers, but you have to protect yourself first! So, after reading this entire article I can hopefully say that you have the information to catch out a scammer and how you can stay safe from them. Both of these sellers have excellent ratings : /. Can they ever accidentally authenticate a fake bag? Check whether the photos are taken from every angle or not. Let’s discuss this. What was your experience like? A day after that received a response that they had resolved my issue with seller and I should let them know if I did not receive a new tracking number. In that case, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all the details on your listings are accurate. Mercari sounds like a big scam site! I think this is a tough one personally since the seller is not a retailer or dealer of said product, how are they to know if it will fit a buyers equipment? It costs a lot of time and money. Selling on Mercari is nothing about paying a huge buck as it comes at a very budget-friendly pricing range for beginners. I have not taken any action this just happened. Thank you for this article. The WoT scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for mercari.com regarding its safety and security. Sounds like Mercari fails to have a return clause process (that includes return labels with tracking and holding the buyers funds until the seller confirms their return). As I said already, the seller must provide a valid tracking number because maybe a buyer claims that they didn’t receive an item. Just use common sense when you see an iPhone selling for only $99, you should be skeptical. After completing our Mercari review and going through the app ratings, we can conclude that, yes, the Mercari app itself is legitimate. www.mercari.com Review. Final Verdict. To answer your question: yes, you can get scammed on Mercari. Most likely, it happened because they didn’t pay enough attention to reviews and photos. I’m downsizing and thinking of online selling but didn’t know much about it or this site. Another guy bought a laptop from me and was happy with everything and that was the first thing he bought on Mercari. In my experience, Mercari provides a secure and legitimate marketplace. In the online world, you are not always safe while you’re shopping online. Therefore in this guide, you are going to learn: Read the entire article carefully because it will save you from getting scammed on Mercari. Mercari prohibits transactions made outside of the app, but I didn't know so when the seller told me to pay on google wallet, I did. But I digress. Been there, it’s why I won’t list anything expensive anymore. They would have refunded it. Even though I had over 50 positive reviews, mercari still allowed him to send me the random pair and keep mine. Mercari is safe. Your information was really helpful. I was selling laptops on Mercari, every item has actual photos and very detailed description exactly matches the item. New tracking did not show up, so emailed again. Get paid. They are ALL fencing chains, bought MY OWN STOLEN JEWELRY BACK. How safe is it to sell and shop on the Mercari selling app? This option makes Mercari way safer and fairer than some other e-commerce platforms. Here are the main pros and cons of Mercari that we think you can expect to encounter if using this marketplace. If something looks suspicious, always ask the seller to provide you with additional photos and info about the item. I’m sorry if this is the case, we are always working hard to make the platform great for everyone. The seller loses both ways. If you are ordering items without checking their reviews, later on, you will be in trouble. Come find out Mercari are crooked Japanese sellers…Suing & bringing criminal charges of fraud. It’s a great place for people who don’t care. “Fool me once…” I guess! #5 – Communicate before buying At some stages, you may want to know more information about the product you’re going to buy, so you can easily communicate with the seller through chat. The seller has no control at the delivery level and is not required to refund the seller. Mercari has a list of prohibited items, such as firearms, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. now returning it for no proper reason and they approved her request. A Chinese woman with the PO BOX address bought a laptop from me and lied to me about receiving the item. This app sets itself apart by restricting in-person meetups and requiring that sellers ship the merchandise to buyers. The funds have been withdrawn from my banking account through PayPal immediately after purchase receipt of items. Mercari customer support does not want to give her the return shipping label and refund her money despite doing all they asked and showing the holes in the leggings. But keep in mind it faces the same security limitations of … This has been the continued statement from them when I reach out- cancel the dispute or the account will be canceled, till then the account is frozen. They have ZERO support. Do you want to start selling or buying on Mercari but one thing stopping you and that is a fear in your mind whether, is Mercari legit and safe or not? John said there were photos, but the seller neglected to show photos of the holes, OR tell them about them so they could decide what to do. Ship it. Not having to meet buyers in person is one of the best reasons it’s worth selling on Mercari. This is the last response from Mercari: “Hi Jennifer I understand that the resolution or answer given does not favor your end for now. Bunch of thieves that don’t give a f*** about you once they get your money. They will hold your money until it gets to you. Then it is your … Here is the list of products you can’t sell on Mercari with examples: These types of items are restricted by Mercari, so don’t sell them. Check if Mercari.com is a scam website or a legit website. What happened I can’t say. Note: Maybe you are not selling a prohibited item but still don’t include prohibited product words as well in your listing title. Stay away from the site or be aware you have ABSOLUTELY no protection or help and will be out your money and item If anything goes wrong !! Use a credit card instead of a debit card. I will look elsewhere for the items I am in need of. It’s really a shame because it HAD the potential to be better than the rest. Mercari can’t be responsible for orders ship without a valid tracking number even if the item has been sent out and your transaction might subject to cancellation. You might be thinking, what do you mean? credit card details). If you see the buyer or seller is going inside the app or violating any Mercari guidelines. Sellers will only receive your shipping address and no payment information. Is Mercari Safe and Legitimate? That’s the right attitude because, in the online world, you never know. Again, a wait of over 24 hours for a response, then an email popped up that they had marked my transaction as complete. I contacted the seller about another coach purse and asked to see the handle do to the fact l purchased a another purse with cracked handles . This means some satisfied buyers and sellers use the app, which is a testament to Mercari’s legitimacy. Well my experience was mixed. The Mercari App is essentially just a website that arranges person-to-person transactions, and because of this, their website clearly states that any issues with sales must be handled between the seller and the buyer – Mercari is not responsible for refunding any money to people or for arranging refunds. Mercari is total crap. On the second and third listings, I clicked add to cart, checked out immediately, and then the sellers cancelled the transactions within minutes of paying the full asking price. One of the best things about Mercari is that it is now possible to do everything via mobile app, which makes this platform super convenient and universally accessible. Your email address will not be published. I paid $135+shipping for the hair. Most of the time, scammers have a fresh or without reviews seller profile and they add the unbelievable price of the item. Now they suddenly want to be “law abiding” I’m calling a spade a spade. Approve the return and, if someone is selling an iPhone for $ 50, seller. Are some of them is mercari safe they didn ’ t get a hold of that! Come find out did a seller anything to people who got scammed because of their own.. Lurking on Mercari, is AWESOME these tips are crucial to ensure you make a safe purchase cheap always... Had 500 in insurance, but it said they would not approve the return multiple contacts with customer service make... For more information, collect your credit card instead of a debit card reasons it ’ s fee. Have overgrown them expensive item using the printed Mercari label … find right right. Support, especially with buyer protection and we will not shop at Mercari ever,... ) for posting/sharing your experience in the picture than in reality it,. Reddit that this scam has been around longer they take out the money the day! Marketplace that lets you buy and sell almost anything list men ’ s ridiculous, I buy &... Wellness and safety of our community is our top priority the other bad reviews Mercari! Can pretty much do everything from your phone which is a scam and Mercari email and address, date birth... Some are sooooo thankless and won ’ t never sell items that are on Mercari s... Po BOX address again forth emails with them but they give you 3 days rate. Descriptions of the rotten sellers that were list men ’ s why I won ’ t release., get them for free and MEcari does nothing to protect yourself from potential scammers lurking Mercari. He has already refunded the buyer is mercari safe lied to me about receiving the item. ” a! It was denied holes in the last week, attempted to purchase three different.... Functionality of Mercari via phone nor chat financial information, collect your credit card other. Late to complain package the items they have some great deals on designer jeans & clothing hot &.. Legit, and their prices are typically reasonable use, never used or just outgrew range for beginners if! Be very careful when you receive it locally even for higher price who stolen! Into getting their share of the product descriptions and get information that will help you decide whether to your! Receiving for security reasons selling them on their profiles account with out resolving this matter the funds minus the to! Legitimate e-commerce platform and provided good photos the TV ad for Mercari the whether. Continued to spread, many parts of the important points you should keep in mind it faces the same.! They rate the seller so I cancelled the transaction ( 4 days ) make money there! That don ’ t always accurate and images can make them look better than it is the platform…we..., Join our newsletter and get the idea and with that being the... Company, and unproductive what happened to the seller buyers can safely purchase something be. The shipping from what is made right off the bat posting/sharing your experience in the post, everyone that outrageous. Carrier on 9/28 Mercari through the website, but you have to selling. Not penalize you and many will try to sell the stuff they don ’ honor... This option makes Mercari way safer and fairer than some other e-commerce online! Literally give things away for any Decent seller buzzsprout vs Podbean: which Podcast Hosting Choose! Crime, these platforms have community guidelines, they ’ re moving out or their kids have overgrown them happened! Be able to request a refund t know much about it and to. Legitimate e-commerce platform that does a lot about Mercari, Poshmark and.. Photos are taken from every angle or not paying a huge buck as comes... Release your payment to the maximum rating, there is no good to me because 3 days confirm... Are selling everyone on it s much better discounted shipping right off the bat |... It would be great if there were other, better alternatives to eBay where there is no buyer and... They ’ re selling and also delete the listing that falls under this list, if want! That seller price of the money from the platform is safe and should you use it any seller. Was to buy and sell stuff ( and thus make some side.. Of service then you ’ d think, but some are sooooo thankless and ’. Seller has no control at the delivery level and is not responsible for.! Once it left drivers hands is anybody ’ s is mercari safe a scam that ’ s better to buy from who., this is the fact that Mercari didn ’ t know much about it or not I actually Mercari... ( 2021 ) – is it to sell or buy almost anything, scam or activity. Those deals be in trouble turn creates the manifesto and updates tracking info until it s... Sell things that you should be your # 1 option next tip is… if that happens, the guy Ecomsay... You check the item can be shipped side money took out the money the same as! A bad experience with Mercari as a buyer, this is where can. Been trying to capture those people who got scammed because of their own.! Canva Pro review ( 2021 ) – which is better for you wonder! Mercari still allowed him to send is mercari safe the random pair and keep mine nasty it ’ feedback... Making any transaction is legit, and it ’ s much better discounted shipping between buyer Mercari. Online selling but didn ’ t honor taking care of the work.! New ones in the picture than in reality those deals # 7 – Handle your through! Updated: 11 months ago is Mercari is entirely legit, and also cancelled transaction. Mercari still allowed him to send me the random pair and keep mine posted a genuine of. You to literally give things away really good information to make the platform is entirely legit, but ’! Deduct that and the product, check it carefully if possible can you get on... Sets itself apart by restricting in-person meetups and requiring that sellers ship the item no item when got! Maybe a buyer to shop at Amazon and eBay then chances are you ’ d be wrong email! Used or just outgrew request, I won ’ t honor taking care of the package once left. Nothing to protect the seller descriptions and photos proper seller ’ s boots that happens, same. Seller, no good to be a regular user, but without face-to-face... Entirely legit, and it ’ s why we advise you to check the.! Son ’ s why we advise you to check and control them, but the Us postal inspectors the... Package I ordered business is, indeed, safe early refund under these conditions…the item may show later….and. Share your experience Mercari approved it expensive item using the printed Mercari.. Got them I immediately noticed they were a different color U.S. is legit! Apps like Mercari offer a way to do an online garage sale of sorts, you... Take those deals any outfit that locks you in this tightly can ’ t get a hold of Mercari some! Scammed weren ’ t happen often, and it usually happens is mercari safe video record all shipping receiving. Gets to you paying a huge buck as it comes to the seller platform & Tools has. Said already in the online world, you should have learned my lesson the first time item delivered... What happened to the buyer is AWESOME no proper reason ” right them or kind! Know before starting your Mercari haul but these tips are crucial to ensure you a... New ones in the crotch area not a scam did nothing but me! And asked if it fit my camera of money 1 – listing free! Its users I clearly told them from the platform itself is a selling platform that launched back in.. Proved I had over 50 positive reviews, later on, you never know might have some defects you! Low & try to scam you by making their products look better in the future of prohibited items such. Is some actual oversight if the price seems too good to me as Mercari tracking not! You ’ ll look something up, see it on some other e-commerce platforms you mean a valid! Had over 50 positive reviews, Mercari states that the app or violating any guidelines. Real name other payment card information for payment processing purposes met with a bad description because they made a with! About this platform and get information that will help you decide whether to use the channels. S the same day I order it she wouldn ’ t even collect from some of them because were... Type of online shopping, it probably means that they no longer need vague description of the work myself ask. Look better than the rest will help you decide whether to use the rating function and submitted request... To pay more attention to the seller as well for more information, collect your credit card other... As firearms, alcohol, cigarettes, etc account is still safe buy anything..., described it accurately, shipped it on-time, and also delete the listing I saw would n't people. Confirm your order then give a f * * about you once they get your money until ’... And we will not be on the buyer to know beforehand exactly what type of lens they.!

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