I was very pleased to be posted onto the Phantom. Lucky you! It was a very impressive, very large fighter. We hurtle across the Black, then the Red Rivers, pushing our Phantoms to the limit of power without using afterburners, weaving and undulating so as not to present a steady target for the gunners below. Do it in VR. The Air Force ones didn’t, so took longer to wind-up- it wasn’t critical – as they had longer runways.”. “Depending on what height you were, how close you were, you would say ‘OK good’ I can make a free-fall 1,000-lb practice bomb on that. Be proud of your crazy aunt self and show it off with this [...] Skip to content. Flying the F-4 Phantom II, British-style Life for British Phantom pilots was seldom boring. Targets of opportunity in low-flying areas could be Jaguars, USAF aircraft, US Navy aircraft from carriers — such as other Phantoms. It had disadvantages, but it also had its advantages, as a pilot you had to learn to play it to its strengths.”. The cost of running the aeroplane in 1975/76 was £7000 an hour which is peanuts. Also, the Phantom had layout weapons that could be used beyond sight, like the head-on Sparrow or tail-on Sidewinder. Super hero. Top artists. The Japan Air … And you have limits on how you can use it. Egyptian Air Force F-4E Phantom IIs of the 222nd Tactical Fighter Brigade in formation with a U.S Air force 347th Tactical Fighter Wing F-4E Phantom II during exercise Proud Phantom Naval Air Facility Misawa, Japan (Sep. 8, 2002) — A pair of Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) F-4 Phantoms take off from one of the runways on the Misawa Air Base during their annual Air Festival. The marking of the drop accuracy would be done by the quadrant of a helicopter and observations from the ship. It’s not a popular thing to say, but generally the Navy where of a higher standard on the fixed-wing side. It was the … Was your training with No.6 Squadron useful preparation for this? Those interested in the Cold Way should read A pilot’s guide to flying and fighting in the Lightning. He enjoys making models from all eras, but his main interest is in the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom - helped by his memories of Phantoms flying over the Norfolk coast during family holidays! Like any new aeroplane, learn as much as you can before you get in it. Hadley … Free with X-Plane 11 flight sim. Fast Jet Performance. I gather the flock close by, and we slowly circle each other-top, bottom, and each side, looking for flak damage, rips, leaks, jagged holes. Refueling done, we drop off and lunge forward, gathering speed for this day’s task. So that would be over the target. “Yes we did. FREE . Which could be quite exciting at higher speeds because you could easily exceed the G-limits, and possibly make yourself black-out. Where did we pick them up? Take a seat in the cockpit of a USAF F-4 Phantom II as it arrives at the 2016 EAA AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, WI. “. 3:53. “Missiles? The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a tandem two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather, long-range supersonic jet interceptor and fighter-bomber originally developed for the United States Navy by McDonnell Aircraft. Login. So the Navy Phantoms weren’t as fast the Americans, but this macho thing of flying at twice the speed of sound? The extra power of the Speys was required for the shorter decks as mentioned. “Well they were sure better than eyeballs, but if you couldn’t see it you couldn’t do anything. When NASA engineers were launching rockets at Floridas Cape Canaveral in the 1960s, they needed pilots to fly close enough to film the missiles as they accelerated through Mach 1 at 35,000 feet. You pick up a lot however you can.”. I thought ‘That’s very nice and exhilarating, but in an hour and 20 minutes I’ll be coming back on!’ So I didn’t really concentrate much on what went after going off the front end and coming on the back end for the first three times. Unlike modern aircraft which have their adverse characteristics heavily compensated for by computers, in the old days it was all stick, rudder and eyeball and you took what you were dealt with on an aeroplane. If that failed, it would be best to remain unseen. Want something more bizarre? Peck now turns his attention to his time as a young pilot flying and fighting in the F-4 Phantom II in 1968-1969. Fast Jet Performance. “The most challenging was 1 versus 1 against another Phantom where it was pilot-v-pilot and the best man won. There were two models of Phantoms for the British forces: the FG.1, the Navy version, and the FGR. F 4 phantom luftwaffe - Die Favoriten unter der Vielzahl an analysierten F 4 phantom luftwaffe. It was still pretty new when I got to Coningsby. ‘Werner Herzog’s Guide to pusher bi-planes, Flaws of the greats, part 1: McDonnell Douglas Phantom II | Hush-Kit, What is good and bad about the F-35 cockpit: A ‘Panther’ pilot’s guide to modern cockpits, Rhino charge! They nestle under her belly and cling to her wings. At sea, being miles out, our target for practice ordnance was a ‘splash target’ towed by the ship 500 yards astern. Then a roil of dust down to our left, and the evil white speck of a surface-to-air missile rises to meet us. Buy Sigma Fores F4 Phantom II - The Flying Brick - Back Unisex T-Shirt: Shop top fashion brands Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry at Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases In May 1979 I travelled to Florida, USA, with my family for a ‘two-years, plus training time’ RNZAF/USAF exchange posting flying the USAF F4 Phantom II with the 31 st Tactical Fighter Wing (31 TFW) at Homestead Air Force Base (HAFB), Florida. It is severely limited in conditions of high temperature, like for instance if it was in the tropics or the Caribbean etc it would have a severe limit on the weight it can take back on board. 2001 34' Baha Cruiser Catamaran with Flying Bridge Fishing Boat for Sale Cal 410-647-2270 . I don’t go to Air Force reunions. ; The aircraft set a new low-altitude speed record, doing 902 miles per hour at 125 feet. What was the most challenging dissimilar type? It was just testing us.”, Did you ever get close enough to make eye contact with the Russians? We think you’re awesome! Course content. Do not let anything hold you back. By the time I reached Navy flight school, the F-4 had become the front line fighter of the three US services and many other nations. The first flight, I was catapulted off the Ark Royal. It doesn’t have all the stealth business there, but stealth’s only as good as your paint-job and your polish etc etc. It remained in production until the company's 40th anniversary. The F-4 Phantom was an absolute thrill to fly! Once or twice a month we would be firing rockets or dropping bombs, just to keep a hand in. How did the British Phantoms compare to the American examples? Auch wenn die Meinungen dort ab und zu nicht ganz neutral sind, geben sie generell einen guten Überblick! He flew the F-4 Phantom for five years in the United States Air Force, including combat missions over South Vietnam, North Vietnam and Laos in 1972. You wouldn’t try to get into a gunfight with a Hunter.”. His job was to get the pilot in a position to aim the weapons and carry out the intercept. “It could roll remarkably well, though it didn’t turn like the other aircraft. Free with X-Plane 11 flight sim. A pilot’s guide to flying and fighting in the Lightning. Not enough wing or thrust, recalls Jack Petry, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel. With the radar you could pick something up (depending on the signature size), on a good day, at 30 miles. The difference was the engines , the Americans had J79s which were smaller with less thrust, the British had Spey, which were bigger engines with more thrust – but they took up more space, so the cross section of the aircraft actually increased. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It's Hard To Believe That The F-4 Phantom Is Still Flying After 60 Years. There was a lot of air combat practice.”. I fired Sidewinder once, and Sparrows twice. The Lightning was great for short fast interceptions, the Phantom could stay longer unsupported and with more missiles. In 2012, the 338 Sqn “Ares” of the Hellenic Air Force celebrated its 60th anniversary. Neil began modelling seriously in 1990, and soon after that he joined IPMS (Barnet). but as well the UK Phantoms had more blown flaps than the USN version, ( I think it was the full wing width plus part of the wing leading edge) which used up quite a bit of compressed air flow. The first thing is try and know your aeroplane, not just from the lectures (‘chalk and talk’) but by talking to others.

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