The album shines in its ability to take a simple, almost unfairly catchy hook and bleed it for all its worth. Sometimes my ideas are too fluffy, get caught in my throat, Sometimes too sharp bleed out of my eyes. bleed in a sentence Example Sentences for "bleed" The bloody civil war in Sierra Leone has claimed thousands of lives over the last few years. that enthusiasm is not as great for a war of policy and conquest as for a war of national defence; and the army dwindled, since a country cannot bleed itself to death. He has a fit, he is dying, and you come and bleed him and patch him up. With the full bleed option, the color on the business card goes to the edge of the card, and you will get eight cards per printed page. This condition usually develops because there is an ulcer in the lining of the esophagus that has begun to bleed. 6. use methylated spirit to clean shellac brushes Other stains which are liable to bleed through paint can be sealed using knotting. Weapon bode [breed] peace. So, if you bleed Cubbie blue, you may want to sit this one out for your mental health. If you will be printing on an ink jet printer rather than a laser printer, you want to be careful that the ink will not bleed and feather, ruining crisp lines of text and blurring images. How to use bleed in a sentence. to emit or lose blood; to sacrifice one's blood especially in battle; to feel anguish, pain, or sympathy… See the full definition How to use bleed in a sentence. The better the fabrics of your tropical themed duvets, sheets, quilts, and pillowcases, the less likely the color will bleed when you wash the items. Low levels of platelets can cause a patient to bleed easily from a cut or other wound. If you are using more than one color for a pattern make sure you paint beginning in the center and move outward so the colors don't bleed together. 31. Needle stick injuries Allow all puncture injuries to bleed freely and then wash under running water using soap or a hand cleanser. The result is a colitis that produces multiple ulcers, which can bleed. one of "The Twins" even bleeds from the eyes when this power is activated just like the wonderless twins on Heroes. bleed just getting really sick of being bled dry for all my frikkin money. Wash it in cold water so the colours don't, 26. I bled because of it. During the act, the laser serves to seal the small blood vessels that would otherwise bleed out, sometimes profusely. If you cut too deeply, the nail will bleed. The breed was on the verge of extinction. People with respiratory allergies, hay fever, and sinus infections have swollen nasal membranes that are fragile and more likely to bleed. The Aztec Indians in Central America used animal blood mixed with cement for their buildings, many of which are still standing today. Her head sagged against the shower wall, and she wished she could order her body not to heal her, to let her bleed out and die so she didn't suffer anymore. These can bleed and can, in turn, result in anemia. Be careful to not allow paint to pull in the corners of the stencil or the paint may bleed under the stencil and onto the wall, skewing the design. A mole or pimple which may have been present for a long time that begins to bleed or form a scab. 3. Examples of bleed in a sentence, how to use it. cannot even bleed when you are hurt. I sort of bleed out into whomever I'm talking to. His temptation was removed by the Host beginning to bleed, the blood soaking through the corporal into the marble of the altar. In addition, some drugs, such as cocaine, inflame the nose, causing it to bleed. Need to translate "BLEED FROM" from english and use correctly in a sentence? I am also scared about causing her to bleed. bleed nipple never having had a spanner on either. Only snip the white or clear part of the claw and don't snip back into the "quick" because this will hurt, and the nail may even bleed. 31. My very soul bleeds for your countrymen. Bacteria can cause gums to swell and bleed. Some women are relatively undisturbed by their monthly, 23. Individuals with VWD, therefore, have difficulty in forming blood clots, and as a result, they may bleed for a longer time. These muscle bleeds result in pain and pressure on the nerves in the area of the bleed.

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